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by Star Wars

So you've got every Darth Vader collectible out there? I doubt you've got this Vader Gumball Machine. This machine is revealing itself from the Dark Side and it's full of yummy morsels of chewable nature. Engage the Dark one and find a Gumball in your possession. Press the board on his chest and hear him breathing deeply. To load the included Gumballs, slide open a plate in the back of his head. Refill Gumballs can be purchased anywhere Gumballs are sold. He looks quite menacing standing there on your desk or table. He just watches you will glassy, black eyes and thinking devious thoughts on your destruction. Luckily the only way he's gonna get to you is with Gumballs. Enjoy these Candies while he serves them cause we know it's gonna get ugly when he strikes back.

* Gumball Machine is approximately 10" tall. Comes with 2 packs of Gumballs, refills can be purchased at most grocery stores.
*Darth Vader Gumball Dispenser lights up and makes the iconic Vader breathing sound every time you push the button on the chest plate to dispense gumballs!

Darth Vader Gumball Dispenser

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