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by Marvel (Comic) 
Well, what do you know -- The gang's all here. It's good to see you people again. ~ Yellowjacket (Henry Pym)
Appearing in "...The Snakes Shall Inherit the Earth!"
While on his way to see the Defenders, Yellowjacket happens upon a number of the Sons of the Serpent about to attack Dr. Strange's home, taking them out easily, Yellowjacket manages to nab one of their members and brings him into Strange's Sanctum for questioning. They learn that the Sons intend to take over a television station to spread their message of hate. Yellowjacket spots somebody else spying on them and stuns them before they can get away. This person turns out to be Jack Norriss, Barbara's estranged husband who has come looking for her.

The Son's address on television is one blaming minorities and immigrants for the problems plaguing the United States and declare war against these groups. Going back to the slums, the Defends end up in a pitched battle against the Son's who have returned with an arsenal of high-tech weapons. The Defenders are ill prepared for the assault and are all taken down, even the Hulk. The Sons then take Dr. Strange, Valkyrie, Yellowjacket and Nighthawk prisoner, leaving the Hulk behind as he changes back to his human form of Bruce Banner.
Dr. Strange

Defenders, v1 #23. May 1975 Comic – May 1, 1975

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