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Grab your binoculars, pack your fanciest luggage, and get ready for adventure! Your little explorer will surely enjoy going on her next adventure with her very own binoculars!

Collapsible - fit easily into her little hands/purse! 

Great for Kids Parties!

These binoculars fold very nearly flat to 3" x 4" and magnify 3X through acrylic lenses. Flex them when they're unfolded and the focus adjusts somewhat.

They're really made and priced for kids, are much better than they have any right to be, and can even be taken apart and used in a science fair telescope! Bonus: We'd keep some in the briefcase and glove box, we would.

Make great party favors or hand-outs at your next Story time! 

Fancy Nancy Explorers Collapsible Binoculars

  • These binoculars are sold in package of 6 (six) with the intent of using them as party favors
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