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by Leslie Geddws-Brown


Decorative and Practical Potential of Every Corner of Your Homeby Leslie Geddes-Brown Overlooked or ignored? If you follow the advice in Hallways, Corridors, and Staircases, no one will say that anymore about any corner of your home. Author Leslie Geddes-Brown breathes new life into these often disregarded spaces by splashing them with color, filling them with light, and using them as great opportunities for decoration, storage, and display. This inspirational book, the first of its kind, includes 25 case studies ranging from rambling retreats to awkward apartments. The focus on specific elements -- along with an extensive resources list -- will aid you in developing the potential of every part of your home.-- Twenty-five case studies offer inspirational ideas for spaces that are often overlooked-- Detailed coverage of color, display, storage, flooring, and lighting issues provides an abundance of practical advice-- More than 200 beautiful images by expert photographer Christopher Drake, student of Snowdon, Bailey, and Avedon-- Comprehensive source list makes redecorating as easy as picking up the phone.

Hallways, Corridors, & Staircases: Developing the

SKU: 9781841723266
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