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by Julie Anne Peters


It is about a young girl (Holland, aged 17) discovering her sexuality and what it is like to experience homophobia. What starts out as a confusing "girl crush" becomes a discovery of Holland's true feelings and coping with the concept of attraction to a member of her own sex. Other characters in the novel discover her crush and employ various means of physical and emotional abuse and violence, displaying strong homophobic behaviors.

Keeping You a Secret

SKU: 9780316009850
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  • Julie Anne Peters is the critically acclaimed author of Define "Normal," Between Mom and Jo, Far from Xanadu, and Luna, a National Book Award Finalist.

  • ISBN: 9780316009850

    Publisher:    Little, Brown Books for Young Readers   
    Binding: Paperback

    Pages: 272
    Pub Date: May 04, 2005
    Copyright Date: 2005

    -Interpersonal relations    -Lesbians
    -Lesbian teenagers    -High schools
    -Schools    -Stepfamilies

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