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by FunKo

Haven't you ever wanted Oogie Boogie's devilish little henchman, Lock, from The Nightmare Before Christmas sitting on your desk and bobbling his head up and down, around and about? Think of how awesome this would make your surrounding environment look and feel. This Nightmare Before Christmas Lock Bobble Head has been rendered here in excellent form as a 7" tall Wacky Wobbler. Lock looks great, with his red devil's outfit, pointed teeth, pointed devil's tail, slingshot, devilish hair, and sly grin on his face - just like he did in the film. Plus, don't forget to pick up the excellent Funko Wacky Wobbler bobble heads of Shock and Barrel (sold separately). 
•Oogie Boogie's devilish little henchman, Lock
•Now available in Wacky Wobbler bobble head form
•Stands 7" tall

Lock Wacky Wobbler

  • -Walt Disney's Nightmare Before Christmas -Nightmare before Xmas Collectibles -Lock Trick or Treater Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas bobble heads
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