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January 1986) Comic – 1986
by Marvel Comics: Jerry Acerino (Author)

Discus and I have a sacred mission to perform ... And anyone who tries to stop us gets what he deserves.
-- Stiletto

Power Man is celebrating the fact that he has just been cleared of all charges pertaining to the time that he served at Seagate Penitentiary. A huge party is thrown for him at the penthouse suite of his lawyer, Jeryn Hogarth. As Luke mingles with guests, he recalls the events that first brought him to Seagate.

Power Man's origin:
Years ago, a young man named Carl Earl Lucas and a friend named Willis Stryker vied for the affections of a woman named Reva Connors. Willis saw that he was losing Reva to Lukas and so, he planted 2kg of heroin in his apartment and then proceeded to call the cops.

Lucas was sent to Seagate prison in Georgia, where he became the personal whipping boy of a racist prison guard named Albert Rackham. Lukas volunteered to be the guinea pig in a scientific experiment conducted by Dr. Noah Burstein. Burstein’s ambition was to recreate the super-soldier process that had been used by the US government to create Captain America. But Rackham sought to sabotage the experiment and altered the process. Although his body was racked with tremendous pain, Carl survived the process and emerged from the tank with skin as tough as steel. He then punched through a wall and escaped. Soon after, he adopted the pseudonym Luke Cage and began his career as Luke Cage, Hero For Hire.

Luke's reverie is disturbed when two criminals named Stiletto and Discus burst into the penthouse and begin blasting the room with their weapons. Despite what the courts say, they believe Cage to be a criminal and are sworn to bring him to justice. Power Man and Iron Fist snap into action, but the bulk of their effort is geared towards protecting the party guests from the villains' attack.

Power Man and Iron Fist #121 (Heroes, 1986

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