by Dan Kainen

Once before, we introduced a brand-new idea with a challenge: You won’t believe your eyes. The book was Gallop!, the technology was Scanimation®, and the result was a bestseller. Now we’re back with another dazzling idea, and this time for the whole family: The book is Safari, it uses never-before-seen Photicular technology, and the result is breathtaking.

Safari is a magical journey. Readers, as if on safari, encounter eight wild animals that come alive. Using an innovative lenticular-based technology, precision sliding lenses, and original four-color video imagery, each image is like a 3-D movie on the page, delivering a rich, fluid, immersive visual experience. The cheetah bounds. The gazelle leaps. The African elephant snaps its ears. The gorilla munches the leaves off a branch. It’s mesmerizing, as visually immediate as a National Geographic or Animal Planet special.

Accompanying the images is Safari, the guide: It begins with an evocative journal of a safari along the Mara River in Kenya and interweaves the history of safaris. Then for each animal there is a lively, informative essay and an at-a-glance list of important facts. It’s the romance of being on safari—and the almost visceral thrill of seeing the animals in motion— in a book unlike any other. 

ISBN-13: 9780761163800
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 10/16/2012
Pages: 16
Age range: 4 - 8 Years

About The Author

Dan Kainen is an inventor, artist, and photographer. He lives in New York City, and his website is

Carol Kaufmann is a cat lover, former staff writer for National Geographic, and coauthor of the bestselling Safari and Ocean. She lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

Safari: A Photicular Book

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