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by Mason Funk


THE BOOK OF PRIDE captures the true story of the gay rights movement from the 1960s to the present, through richly detailed, stunning interviews with the leaders, activists, and ordinary people who witnessed the movement and made it happen. These individuals fought battles both personal and political, often without the support of family or friends, frequently under the threat of violence and persecution. By shining a light on these remarkable stories of bravery and determination, THE BOOK OF PRIDE not only honors an important chapter in American history, but also empowers young people today (both LGBTQ and straight) to discover their own courage in order to create positive change. Furthermore, it serves a critically important role in ensuring the history of the LGBTQ movement can never be erased, inspiring us to resist all forms of oppression with ferocity, community, and, most importantly, pride

The Book of Pride: LGBTQ Heroes Who Changed the World

SKU: 9780062571700
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  • Mason Funk is the Founder and Executive Director of OUTWORDS, an award-winning nonprofit that documents the history of LGBTQ people all over the United States.

  • ISBN: 9780062571700
    Publisher:    HarperOne     
    Binding: Paperback
    Pub Date: May 21, 2019


    -Gays    -Gay rights
    -United States    -Biographies
    -Sexual minorities

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