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by Leela Hope


Do your kids enjoy winter?

Do they like to participate in winter sports?

Wally Raccoon loves winter games - especially in the Farmyard Olympics.

Follow Wally and his adventure on the fourth and final day of the Farmyard Olympics.

Although Wally has proven himself before, he still finds that the other animals won't let him join in with the Winter Olympics.

But a familiar friend helps him find a sport that he can participate in and - once again - excel.

Aimed specifically for ages 0-6, Wally Raccoon's Farmyard Olympics -

Winter Olympics is a suitable story for all ages and is told through rhyming verse and colorful illustrations.

The Wally Raccoon's Farmyard Olympics series is ideal for bedtime stories, preschoolers and children learning to read.

Wally Raccoon's Farmyard Olympics Winter Olympics

SKU: 9781536843347
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  • Publisher:    Createspace Independent Publishing Platform  
    Binding: Paperback
    Pub Date: August 03, 2016


    - winter olympics

    - raccoons

    - farm animals

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