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Fun, quirky books we love to give to our not so uptight friends...

Treat yourself and your bff to great reads from ¡AyCaramba! books from the fun side of the shelf.

A young, free-range chicken... A dominating, ravenous chef... Fifty recipes to make every dinner a turn-on...

If you've been wondering what to get your sassy best friend who cracks the raunchiest jokes at the party and cooks fabulous meals in his/her spare time, look no further. Fifty Shades of Chicken is a spoof on the best-selling novel Fifty Shades of Gray that replaces heroine Anastasia Steele with a big-breasted chicken and Christian Grey with the strong and competent hands of a very handsome chef. Yup, this cookbook definitely takes "hot and sultry" to a whole new level.


Dripping Thighs, Learning to Truss You, Erect Chicken, Chicken with a Lardon, and more, more, more!

This is a book for anyone who believes they have what it takes to make a soufflé for the holiday party and show up the person who apparently has nothing better to do than bake things from scratch. It also recommends the drink you'll need to accompany any endeavor of this magnitude. In the end, My Drunk Kitchen may not be your go-to guide for your next dinner party . . . but it will make you laugh and drink . . . I mean think . . . about life.

Hannah offers key drink recommendations, cooking tips (like, remember to turn the oven off when you go to bed) and shares never-before-seen recipes such as:

The Hartwich (Knowledge is ingenuity! Learn from the past!) Can Bake (Inventing things is hard! You don't have to start from scratch!) Latke Shotkas (Plan ahead to avoid a night of dread!) Tiny Sandwiches (Size doesn't matter! Aim to satisfy.) Saltine Nachos (It's not about resources! It's about being resourceful.)

Don’t know what to make for dinner? Is every evening an occasion for duress and deliberation? No more! What the F*@# Should I Make For Dinner? gets everyone off their a**es and in the kitchen.

--this book offers easy to follow recipes while politely chastising you ;-)

A rare gem in mint condition...

The Stripper's Guide to Looking Great Naked by Jennifer Axen Author · Leigh Phillips Author

The Stripper's Guide to Looking Great Naked reveals how to walk, stand, and move with allure, and incorporate confidence and sex appeal into everyday life - whether crossing the room during the day or slipping out of your clothes for that special someone at night. Here are quick, incredibly useful backstage tips for covering body blemishes, dealing with naked emergencies, and showcasing any body shape's best features. This daring and fun illustrated guide reveals how any woman can use these racy but simple strategies to feel more confident, no matter what her state of undress, from the beach to the bedroom.

¡AyCaramba! We've got the perfect fix for those unruly books...

Our Fire Hydrant bookends are a must for any dog lover or firefighter.

Integrity ● Service ● Respect and a Love of Books.

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