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Before the flute became popular, the coupe was the go-to glass for Champagne. With the popularity of TV shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, old-fashioned coupe glasses and special cocktails have been making a comeback.

Mixologists in trendy bars from New York to Nashville to Los Angeles are creating special cocktails just for this glass.

"The Coupe" also features easy and elegant dessert recipes perfect for serving in coupes, a primer on citrus garnishes, and simple syrup recipes that add depth and flavor to cocktails. Stunning photography accompanies each recipe. The foreword is written by Patrick Dunne, author of "The Epicurean Collector" and proprietor of Lucullus in New Orleans, Louisiana, which boasts an international clientele because of its unique emphasis on antiques, art, and objects with a culinary connection.

Featured cocktails include:

"Peppino di Capri" from Masseria, Washington, DC "Within Temptation" from The Cocktail Club, Charleston, South Carolina "The Space Between the Stars" from Russell House Tavern, Boston, Massachusetts "Tituba" from Isla, Austin, Texas "The First of Many" from Aviary, Portland, Oregon "Fall Classic" from Gramercy Tavern, New York City "Barrel-Aged Boulevardier" from Sidney Street Cafe, St. Louis "Eggnog Cocktail" from Highlands Bar and Grill, Birmingham, Alabama "Jason s Ascension, 1988" from Cure, New Orleans, Louisiana"

We do books well.

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