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Don't know what to get your partner in crime?

Jack White's gentle story of new friendship...

"We're Going to be Friends" is one of The White Stripes' most enduring and loved songs. With the help of illustrator Blake, the perennial favorite feels right at home on the page as a children's book written by musician White himself.

In my favorite picture books text and art feel like they were conceived as one. This book has that quality. The text is the lyrics from the wonderful, now classic song "We're Going To Be Friends" by Jack White. In place of sound and music we have Elinor Blake's pictures. These images surprise and delight and have a genuine and rare timelessness, I can easily visualize this charming creation sitting snug between books by Robert McCloskey and Garth Williams on any bookshelf both past and present. -- Tony Fucile, animator The Lion King, Finding Nemo

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*Book will include audio recording of the original White Stripes song and new versions by April March and also the Woodstation Elementary School Singers. *Illustrator Elinor Blake was an animator for The Ren and Stimpy Show, Pee Wee's Playhouse and more. As a musician/singer she is known as April March. Her song "Chick Habit" is featured in Quentin Tarantino's film Death Trap. *"We're Going To Be Friends" is featured in a recent Disney campaign for Winnie The Pooh *Unseen footage of The White Stripes performing the song will be released to promote the book.

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